Cecil E. Yount, MA, LCAS, CCS

Assessments By Yount

1521 South Main St.,, Waynesville, NC 28786

Phone: 828-246-9886
FAX: 828-348-5538

Providing Professional Behavioral Health Care for 35 years!


Hours of Operation:

Services are by appointment only. Hours of operation are generally Tuesday - Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Emergency Services are not available. In emergent situations, consumers should contact the emergency room at their local hospital.

Inclement Weather Policy for 2018/19:

In general, Mr. Yount desires that no individuals take unnecessary risk to attend appointments. Haywood County has a wide and varying topography and conditions may differ significantly from the southern end of the county to the northern end of the county. As a general rule, the office follows the Haywood County School system announcements.

In the event Haywood County Schools are closed or delayed ALL MORNING APPOINTMENTS ARE CANCELLED. Afternoon appointments will be kept dependent upon ongoing weather conditions. Individuals with afternoon appointments may send email to Mr. Yount to determine if the appointments will be cancelled and rescheduled. Additionally, an announcement will be posted on this site regarding appointments during inclement weather situation and the office voice mail message will be updated to reflect current conditions..

Fees for Service:

Payment for services are expected at the time of service unless prior arrangements have been made. Payment for services in cash is always acceptable. I now accept Blue Cross/Blue Shield of N.C.. Effective 03/15/2011, I am a member of the Medcost service providers listings and can accept insurance payments for Medcost insured individuals. Effective 07/01/2013, I am now a provider for Magellan Health Services as well as Coventry Insurance. I am also an affiliate and provider member of Employee Assistance Network out of Asheville. More insurance companies will be acceptable in the near future...

Effective 06/05/2013: Due to ongoing issues related to individuals making appointments and not keeping them (no-shows), anyone wishing to reschedule after a "no show" will be required to MAKE ADVANCED PAYMENT for another appointment. This payment is NON-REFUNDABLE should a second "no show" occur. It does not require me to accept any individual as my client. In the case of Court ordered DWI or non-DWI offenses, this fee will be no less than $100.00. An appointment following a second "no show" or cancellation will not be scheduled. My goal is to be as courteous and professional as possible. However, the frequent "no show" situation is untenable for me as a self-employed small business owner and creates unnecessary wait times for other individuals attempting to receive services.

For your convenience, you may utilize your credit card or PayPal account to make pre-payment for services. Please note a small convenience charge of 4% is applied to each transaction except in-State DWI assessments. If using this convenience feature to pay for services, please be certain to print off the payment confirmation page and bring it with you to your scheduled session.

Fees For Service
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