The Nuts and Bolts

Privacy and other Matters!

Benefits and Emotional Risk: The majority of individuals, couples, and families that obtain psychological

services benefit from the process. The therapeutic process is generally quite useful, but some risks do

exist. As the counseling begins, please understand that some people experience unwanted feelings, and

that examining old issues may produce unhappiness, anger, guilt, or frustration. Important personal decisions

are often an outcome of counseling. These are likely to produce new opportunities, as well as,

unique challenges. Sometimes a decision that is positive for one family member will be viewed as negative

for another. Do not hesitate to discuss treatment goals, procedures, or your impressions of the services

being provided. If you have a complaint that cannot be addressed between us, you may register it

with the North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board, PO Box 10126, Raleigh, North

Carolina 27615.

Confidentiality: A consumer’s confidentiality is important and legally protected. All written and verbal

information derived from counseling will be held in strict professional confidence. There are, however,

circumstances that impose limitations on a consumer’s right or ability to maintain a privileged communication.

Information will be released without your permission in the following instances:

1. In the event of there being a clear and present physical danger to yourself or someone else.

2. In order to comply with a court order in a legal proceeding or as otherwise required by law.

3. In the event that information is revealed that indicates that a child is being abused or neglected, a

dependent adult is being abused or neglected, or an older adult is being abused or neglected.

4. If you create a crime while on program premises.

Information may also be released to others with the consumer’s signed written request. If a health-care

benefit plan is expected to pay for some portion of the cost of services, it is understood that this office

may furnish diagnostic and clinical information to insurance companies or medical review organizations

in order to obtain reimbursement. Confidentiality cannot be guaranteed once information is given to other

agencies. In the event that group counseling services are provided, it is further acknowledged that the

Behavioral Healthcare Professional, cannot be held responsible for any breach of confidentiality on the

part of a peer group member. In accordance with responsible practice, a diagnosis will be made if warranted

and will be a part of your consumer record.

Hours/Availability: The office is generally open from 9 AM to 5 PM Tuesday — Thursday. Holidays

and specific other dates are exceptions to these hours. The office has an answering machine for messages

during and after business hours. In the event that an emergency occurs and your counselor is unavailable,

you should contact a crisis intervention service, your family physician, or go to the local emergency room.


WHAT'S DIFFERENT ABOUT MY SERVICES: I provide ONLY DWI assessments.  I do not provide Prime for Life, 20 hour, 40 hour, or Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient services. I do provide in-state and out-of-state reviews. My ONLY job is to provide consumers with a high quality professional assessment. I have no financial or other gain in who the consumer chooses as their provider for intervention services. 

WHAT TO BRING: a copy of the arrest/citation (usually pink) and a copy of the breathalyzer. You can have your attorney fax that to me at 828-348-5538. Do whatever is easiest for you and your attorney. From the NC DMV website, we need a CURRENT NC Driving history. It costs $10.00. You can get it or bring one from your attorney if (s)he has one AND if it came from the NC DMV website. I can also help you with that at the time of the assessment. 

NEW LOCATION:  As of July 1, 2018, please note the address of my new location at 1521 South Main St. in Waynesville. This is in a group of businesses known at The Commons The old location at 66 Walnut St. in Waynesville is now a PRIVATE RESIDENCE

Cost of the assessment: The fee is set by State law at $100.00 and is payable in cash or by credit card. Personal checks are not accepted. 

Cancellation/No Show policy: Due to the increasing incident of individuals making appointments and either not showing up at all or not calling until the last minute to cancel, I will no longer reschedule “no shows” at all. If someone demonstrates the courtesy to call ahead and cancel the appointment giving me sufficient time to fill the slot, I will reschedule the appointment ONE TIME after receiving a non-refundable reservation fee of $100.00. As a small business owner, I simply cannot stay in business and continue to absorb lost revenue generating hours.