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Assessments By Yount

1521 South Main St., Waynesville, NC 28786

Phone: 828-246-9886
FAX: 828-348-5538

Providing Professional Behavioral Health Care for 42 years!

Dr. Lynne Barrett

Assessments By Yount HAS REOPENED AT THE NEW LOCATION at The Commons at 1521 South Main St., Waynesville, NC 28786. The phone number remains the same as does the email address and fax number. The office is located in the back right hand corner of The Commons next to McKay Smith Enterprises.

Assessments By Yount location


Assessments By Yount is a limited private practice providing behavioral health care assessment and counseling services to the citizens of Western North Carolina. This practice specializes in addiction related issues for consumers and their family members utilizing Best Practice treatment modalities for individual and family counseling and treatment. All services start with a comprehensive assessment of the individual's needs and works with the consumer's goals for treatment. Nationally recognized criteria such as the DSM-5 and ASAM Patient Placement Criteria are key to effective diagnosis and treatment planning. While detoxification and emergent services are not part of the offerings of Assessments By Yount, every effort is made to work with the family physician and to make appropriate referrals to inpatient and enhanced services when appropriate.

Assessments By Yount is proud to have been affiliated with Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Lynne Barrett. Dr. Barrett is now serving our veterans and their family members at the Naval hospital in Beaufort, SC. She is proud to be a "Marine asset!" Former consumers covered by Medicaid should contact Vaya (formerlySmoky Mountain) LME as those records have been placed in their custody.




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